Ethereum Cat Herders

Welcome to the Ethereum Cat Herders’ website, the go-to place to get the latest news on Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP), core clients’ updates, testnets updates, and other processes around the network upgrade.

Our aim is to bring the minimum amount of order that chaos needs to move Ethereum forward.

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Upcoming Ethereum network upgrade

Follow Ethereum network upgrade with us.

Berlin Upgrade

Client Integration Testnet (YOLO)

Ethereum developers’ meetings

All Core Dev meeting

EIP Resources

Peep an EIP

A video series focused on the Ethereum Improvement Proposal

EVM 384


EIP-2537: Precompile for BLS12-381 curve operations


EIP-2539: BLS12-377 curve operations


1559 Fee market change


Fellowship of Ethereum Magician

1559 Implementers’ meeting notes are available here.

Tim’s Updates

Barnabe’s Notebook

Community resources

EIP-2938: Account Abstraction

*Note: The Ethereum Cat Herders are not pro or anti ProgPOW. This collection of resources on ProgPOW discussion is made available for community reference purposes only. Feel free to participate in the ongoing discussion on the Fellowship of Ethereum Magician and other forums. 

About us

The Ethereum Cat Herders are a group of independent contributors serving the Ethereum community. We are here to support Ethereum developer teams by coordinating Hard Forks, monitoring EIPs, creating PM processes and retroactive reports, relaying information between teams, taking notes during All Core Devs calls and much more.

If you’re intrested to join the Ethereum Cat Herders, fill-up the onboarding form and one of the members will reach out to you.

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