Ethereum Cat Herders

Decentralized project management to support the Ethereum Network.

Our aim is to bring the minimum amount of order that chaos needs to move Ethereum forward.

What is Ethereum Cat Herders?

Ethereum Cat Herders is a group of individuals, working together to support the Ethereum core developers with project management and other aspects of communication and coordination.
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Review 2020: The Ethereum Cat Herders

We strive to provide

Ethereum ecosystem

S ynergy

U nderpin Improvement Proposals

P ublicize Network Upgrade

P rocess Improvement

O utreach

R esource Curation

T ranscript Availability

Ethereum ecosystem

Infrastructure Providers Application Layer (ETH 1.0) Consensus Layer (ETH 2.0) Fellowship of Ethereum Magician On-Chain Projects EIP Improvement Process

Community Feedback

The Vision

Increase support to the Ethereum main network with more community involvement.

Network Upgrade





Want to help the Ethereum Cat Herders?

There's plenty of opportunities to weigh in the Ethereum Cat Herders, help with documenting meeting notes, writing blogs, make community outreach, participate in process improvements, and even earn bounty.
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